When 3UKI released his first single, he was just 18 years old and doing his A-levels on the side.
The track "Lose Control" goes straight into the Spotify Viral Top50 and collects over 1.5 million clicks. Not bad for a completely self-made thing.
Lukas Kwoczek from Braunschweig becomes a promising EDM newcomer. The "industry" takes notice and a label deal is not long in coming.
At this point 3uki has already tried out a lot of things musically - over twelve years on the piano, then singer and drummer in a punk rock band, but in the end Dad's PC wins out with this fancy music software.
First "digital attempts" at 14, the passion for electronic music is awakened and Lukas constantly improves his skills. Through side jobs he saves up the necessary small change for his own studio equipment in the classic way.
The top DJs/ producers of the time inspire him - especially the late Avicii, but also Guetta, Solveig and Co. It's always the big pop moments rather than alternative niches that stick and influence him. And just these can definitely be found in his own work.
On 3uki today, smooth tropical house beats in the unmistakably own style'n'sound (who has that already?!) meet catchy hooklines and vocal features from all over the world.
Of course, the unspeakable, long phase of pandemic restrictions has also powerfully driven Lukas into the parade. Everything is "ready to go", but then suddenly the lights go out on all dance floors of the republic for an unforeseeable time.
No DJ sets, no festivals.
But the world belongs to the brave and so production continues unimpressed and new collaborations are initiated. Like the one with US singer Miles Arnell, which finally leads to "Back To Me". Quite a tune, listen for yourself...



Wintrup Musikverlag, Detmold
Yuppie go home, Hamburg
Danny Engel and Philipp Menzel
phone +49 40 / 368 495 84

photos by Marco Sensche